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Just designed my new 3D printed vacuum hood for my #skil100 planer. . ._._._._
#longboard #electricskateboard #mos
Just designed my new 3D printed vacuum hood for my #skil100 planer. . ._._._._

I'm an artist, designer, fabricator with the passion to bring unusual innovation into the world. 



1995 M.F.A. New Genre, University of California, Los Angeles

1992 B.F.A. Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)

1984 A.A. Electronics, Orange Coast College


Academic Positions

2006 - Present Associate Professor School of Art  / Tenure - University of Georgia


Professional Experience


Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Teaching & Research Programs

2009 - 2015  Faculty Discover Abroad UGA  Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Bali Indonesia.

Developed and implemented a studies abroad program Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment combining interdisciplinary art with anthropology, ecology, and geology.

Interdisciplinary Research Projects

2015- present  Design Thinking: Art, Engineering, Business, Landscape Architecture

2009 - 2015   Center for Ultrastructural Research at UGA: I used a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to photograph my gold plated insect assemblages making digitally stitched large format prints, varying from 4’ to 8’ in scale. They are widely published and exhibited.


2011  Scripts Institute Artist in residence off the coast of Brazil aboard the research vessel Melville for a three week scientific exploration on climate warming. In the extreme darkness of the ocean nights, I used long exposure photography to create my series ‘Drawings from Jupiter’.  I also redesigned some of their scientific data collecting tools, and was the resident documentarian while shadowing Dr Patricia Yager, the project director.


2007- 2009  “Innerspace” with Dr Zhengwei Pan from Nanotechnology department at UGA.  Dr Pan’s lab creates proprietary nano structures; samples too small to see without powerful equipment. I was given access to scan the samples and created large scale landscape photographs where the nano world for a moment gave the illusion of being recognizable. The prints have been in many gallery and museum exhibitions with articles appearing in both art and scientific journals. My education outreach collaboration contributed to Dr Pan receiving a NSF Career Award for $592,870 for continued work in his lab.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 UFO Roadshow, Dashboard Gallery,  Joshua Tree CA

2015 Under the Sun, Gallery Protocal, Gainesville Florida
2015 Still Life Images of the Dead, Micrographs, Georgia College, Milledgeville GA
2012 Looking for Light, The Glass Cube, The Indigo Gallery, Athens GA
2010 Innerspace the BIO works, Twin Kittens, Atlanta GA
2010 Muchas Gracias, Athens Cine, Athens GA
2008 Innerspace, Permaculture and UFO’s, Cheekwood Museum, Nashville TN

2008 Innerspace, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA
2007 E-Scaping the Grid, Grand Center, St Louis MO
2007 Hydrocarbons, Young Harris College Art Gallery, Young Harris GA
2006 Ultraviolet Acquiescence & Deep Space Drip Culture, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh

2005 UV Hydrocarbon, Music Midtown, Atlanta Ga
2004 Fast Food Hydrocarbons and Waves in Outer Space, Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta Ga

1994 El Pollo Doh Loco, Crossing Gallery, Los Angeles CA
1994 Soundscapes, Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica CA
1992 Cage’n Fish, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco CA
1991 Reverse Skinner Box, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco CA

Group Exhibitions

2015 Dash Initial, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans LA

2015 NEW YORK NOW design fair, Javits Center, Karen Alweil Studio, NY NY

2015 Gallery, Fresno State, Fresno CA

2014 LA Wood, Arena1 Gallery, Santa Monica CA

2013/14 Design Fair Atlanta, Los Angeles, NYC Karen Alweil Studio
2013 Temporal Distortions, Linda Matney Gallery, Williamsburg VA

2013 Photo Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais , Paris France

2013 Artist Invitational Consumption & Sustainability, Fresno State University, Fresno CA

2013 Annual Invitational, Conley Galley, California State University, Fresno CA2012 “Drawings from Jupiter” The Hudgens Center for the Arts, Gwinnett GA

2012 Live/Work Twin Kittens, Atlanta GA
2009 Darwin, Innerspace series, Schatten Gallery Emory University, Atlanta GA

2009 Photos Summer Group show, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago IL
2008 Innerspace 2 and 64 Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago IL
2008 Innerspace 4, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta GA
2008 Fractal Geometric Valley, ACP, Atlanta GA
2008 Innerspace, The Sovereign, Atlanta GA
2008 Art Papers Art Auction, Atlanta GA
2007 Power Ball 9, The Power Plant, Toronto Canada
2007 Art Papers Art Auction, Atlanta GA
2005 Scope, Art Papers, Miami, FL
2005 Switch, Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA
2005 VIBE Summer ‘05 Simultaneous Video Screenings, Chicago, Liverpool, Manchester

2004 Art, Technology & the Future, Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, Tallahassee, FL

2004 Spring Season Show, Still Smoking & Happy, Monkeytown, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

2004 Ecotopia, Hydrocarbons on Mars 1 w/ cultures, Lump Gallery, Raleigh NC

2004 Filling Up/Spilling Out, Still Smoking and Happy, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary  Art, Palm Beach FL

2004 Permanent showcase, Hydrocarbons on Mars, Limn Gallery, San Francisco CA

2004 Glass, Hydrocarbons on Mars, California State University Fresno, Fresno CA

2003 Videos: Implants, Architecture and Wishful Thinking, Remax, Strategies in Waiting, Titicutly Stamping Nauman, California State University Fresno, Fresno CA

2003 The Canal Street Projection Project, Still Smoking & Happy, New Orleans LA

2003 A Shot In The Dark, Remax/ Strategies in Waiting, The Contemporary, Atlanta GA

2002 Art Basel, TBC2, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL, Miami Beach FL

2002 DesignX: Critical Reflections, Courting Installation, Florida State University Museum,  Tallahassee FL

2002 Armory Show, Acoustic Mole 3, Rhona Hoffman Gallery Chicago IL, Pier 90 NYC

2001 Impact, 10-minute tac-tic, Acoustic Mole2, Still Smoking and Happy, GA Museum of Art,

2001 Sound and Complexity, 64 frames per second, Acoustic Mole 1, Classified2, Plan B Performing Arts, SantaFe, NM

2001 Faculty Show, The Kiss, The adventures of Gwendaline, Still Smoking & Happy, FSU  Museum, Tallahassee, FL

2000 Havana Biennale, Havana 2K, Havana Cuba
2000 Van Gogh’s Ear, 10-minute tac-tic, Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee FL

2000 Works on a yellow legal pad, Beyond Baroque, Venice CA
2000 Tres Amigos, 64 frames per second, Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee FL

1999 Gartner No.1, Gartner Studios, Santa Monica CA

1998 Sound, Don’t Touch, Ear Muffs, Joker D, Santa Ana Collage main gallery Santa Ana, CA
1998 Beyond the Matter of Space, Big Ideas in a Small Room, Life Support System, BB Gallery, Venice, CA

1997 Malibu Sex Party, A Perfect Picture, Purple Gallery, Venice CA

1995 Eat or be Eaten/Painting not Painting, Mice & Polar Bears,Anderson Gallery, Buffalo NY

1994 Poetic Devices, Sound Effects, Brea Municipal Gallery, Brea CA

1992 The Far Bazaar, Reverse Skinner Box 2, Los Angeles CA


Current Professional Representation

2014- Present Dashboard Coop, Atlanta GA


Selected Presentations  and Panels

2014 Society for Photographic Education, Intersection of art and science, Transforming Scientific Data  into Visual Metaphors

2013 Consumption and Sustainability Lecture, Fresno State University, Fresno CA

2012 Guest speaker, Architecture Department, Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA

2010 Oberlin College Chemistry Department

2009 Society for Photographic Education, Nanoscapes, Southeast conference Atlanta GA

2009 Georgia Tech Nano Technology Department, Atlanta GA

Honors, Awards & Grants

2012 - 2013  The M. G. Michael Award  
2012  Virginia Mary Macagnoni Prize for Excellence in Teaching Willson Center
2012- 2013   Willson Center Faculty Research Fellowship  Willson Center


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